Privacy Policy
Please note: This English translation is for reference only. All agreements will be covered by the original Japanese terms and conditions.

Changes to provisions and notification:
The contents of these provisions may be changed as needed.
Please refer to this page for the most recent provisions as users will not be directly notified of changes.

Concept of personal information in Image Magic Ltd.:
Personal information is information about an individual, including name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. MEET MY GOODS shall be granted access to such records, personalized numbers, symbols, codes or images for the purposes of identifying users (but this information alone may not identify, or be easily matched with other information in order to identify, a specific individual).

Administrator of personal information:
The administrator of personal information is covered by a confidentiality agreement with Image Magic Ltd..
The chief administrator of Image Magic personal information is Image Magic Representative Director, Makoto Yamakawa.

Collection and use of personal information:
In order to provide MEET MY GOODS services (advertising, campaigns, etc.) we may collect personal information, which shall be carried out by lawful and fair means.

Disclosure of personal information:
As a general rule, personal information of users will not be disclosed to those not party the confidentiality agreement between Image Magic Ltd. and MEET MY GOODS.

If Image Magic has determined that the user exerts a disadvantage to a third party, we may provide information such as ID registration, registration profile, record of use and IP address to thepolice and other relevant agencies and parties. In addition, Image Magic Ltd. may disclose information upon request from the court, the Public Prosecutor's Office, police, Bar Association, consumer center or agency that has the authority pursuant to such information. We may also disclose information in order to protect our rights and property.

MEET MY GOODS may disclose statistical information to partner companies, advertisers, and other third parties for other lawful purposes.

Cookies are small text files sent to the hard disk of your computer, which store information about your preferences on a particular site and can help your user experience. The use of cookies has become a standard in the industry and, as with many sites, we use cookies for the purpose of providing a beneficial function to the customer. Computers may be identified using cookies, but identifying individual users is not possible.

MEET MY GOODS may use the cookies in the following cases:
(1) To provide customized services available at your conveninece. This cookie is set when the user logs in or accesses a customized page.
(2) To measure the number of users of MEET MY GOODS.