Terms of Service
All users of MEET MY GOODS services do so in accordance with this Agreement. By using the service, users are deemed to have accepted the contents of this Agreement. The contents of this Agreement are subject to change as needed, so we are unable to contact individual each time in such cases. Please refer to this page for the most recent Terms and Conditions.

Please note: This English translation is for reference only. All agreements will be covered by the original Japanese terms and conditions.

Information required for registration
Please observe the following conditions upon registration.
Enter true and accurate data in the user registration form to be sent to Image Magic (MEET MY GOODS).
If the above-mentioned registration data should change, it is your duty to update the registration to reflect true and accurate data.
We reserve the right to remove the ID of the user and refuse future service if the user does not provide true and accurate data.

Management of ID and password
Upon registration, management of the ID and password is the responsibility of the user.
Responsibility of all acts performed using the ID and password are regarded as the sole responsibility of the user who owns the ID. Should, please contact without permission immediately, Inc. Image Magic in the case If your ID has been used, or if ID and password had been leaked to a third party (MEET MY GOODS). In addition, when it is temporarily end your use of the service, please refer to the each time out. ID and password of leakage, please keep in mind that it does not guarantee for any damage resulting from such unauthorized use.

Responsibility of the registered user
Please be aware that rights to all content (data, documents, photos, images, etc.), are the property of the original creator (including those who received transfer or license rights from the creator).
It is the responsibility of all users of MEET MY GOODS to ensure that the work they submit is their own.
Image Magic Ltd. (MEET MY GOODS) will not be held responsible on behalf of users of the service, or as an intermediary, for the reliability of the content, truthfulness, or legality thereof.
Users are solely responsible for the content they submit and for any third party claims for damages or other action. Image Magic Ltd.Image magic co., Ltd. (MEET MY GOODS) bears no responsibility for any damage caused by using the content and the content itself.
Content which infringes third party intellectual property rights (copyright and trademark rights, etc.) will be deleted as soon as discovered. In addition, we will not assume any obligation to pay royalties for contents submitted by users.

The following acts are strictly prohibited:
Anything that violates the law, infringes the rights of others, leads to financial and psychological damages to others, violates privacy, defames another person, annoys others, slanders others, is obscene or vulgar, lacks moral character, disgusts, will lead to ethnic and racial discrimination, or cause a problem from an ethical point of view to others through the service.

Conduct harmful to minors.

Falsification of your identification, or misrepresentation regarding being a representative or delegated authority of another organisation. This includes negligent falsification and misrepresentation.
Uploading content that infringes on the intellectual property rights of third parties (patents, utility model rights, design rights, trademark rights, such as copyright).
Deliberate or negligent acts that violate.
Image Magic Inc. (MEET MY GOODS) may disclose information in accordance with the law, to protect public interest and safety, to protect MEET MY GOODS users' property rights, to protect lives, business and work interests, if third party rights have been infringed, if legal proceedings are commenced, and in other situations required in order to adhere to the terms of this agreement and address complaints.

International use
As this is an internet-based service, it is the responsibility of users to comply with international regulations regarding what kind of online content is allowed in other countries and regions.

Resale prohibited
Unauthorised use of the services provided by MEET MY GOODS for commercial purposes (use, reproduction, duplication, copying, sale, re-sale, etc.) is strictly prohibited.

Discontinuation and changes to service
The Company will endure to provide stable operation of this service. If it becomes necessary to change or discontinue the service at any time without notice to users, users will not be held responsible.

Deletion of ID
If Image Magic (MEET MY GOODS) deems it necessary to delete a user ID, password, account or to prohibit the use of the service, we reserve the right to delete the content of the service. This right is also exercised at our discretion, for example, if the user has violated the content or spirit of the Terms and Conditions, or Image Magic (MEET MY GOODS) was subjected to inappropriate behavior.
Should Image Magic (MEET MY GOODS) deem it necessary, we may ban a user along with deleting files and information related to the applicable user ID and account, including the termination of services to certain users, and access to relevant information, files and services into the future. In such cases, Image Magic (MEET MY GOODS) shall not be liable to the user or a third party.

Notification or contact
If Image Magic (MEET MY GOODS) needs to notify or contact the user that is the ID registrant, you will be notified by e-mail.

Image Magic (MEET MY GOODS) respects the intellectual property rights of third parties, and users shall endeavor to respect the intellectual property rights of third parties as well. In the event that the copyright of your own work is judged to have been infringed, please provide the following information to the Image Magic (MEET MY GOODS):

Claimant’s name, address, telephone number, e-mail address

Copyright owner's name, address, telephone number, e-mail address

If the claimant is not the copyright owner, description of the basis under which they have the authority by law to claim on behalf of the copyright owner

A description of the copyrighted work that copyright is claimed to have been infringed

Where the original work, which is claimed to have been infringed, has been published

Description of the legal basis for use which are claimed to have been used without the permission of the copyright owner of the work that has become a problem

Providing the information above does not guarantee that MEET MY GOODS will act.

If examination is deemed necessary during registration, we may request the necessary material. If asked, applicants or members should submit the specified data promptly.

1. User responsibility and Disclaimer
If the user is in breach of this agreement, regardless of negligence, the user shall be liable for damages to other users and third parties damaged by the violation, and shall bear all the responsibilities. Parties shall jointly and severally be liable for any damages for violations.

2. Our liability
We shall not be liable for damage suffered by the user, revocation or suspension our services, ending or changes to user registration and content deletion or loss, loss of data on the use of the service or equipment failure, or other services related thereto. It should be noted that, for other reasons the application of consumer contract law, liability for damages to the user due to our responsibility, our negligence (except for gross negligence.) only to the reality in direct and regular damage has occurred out of the damage caused to the user by default or tort, the cumulative total amount of money received from the user will be the upper limit for damages.

Personal information
- Privacy Policy
In addition to this Agreement, we will handle personal information, and the like, in accordance with the privacy policy.

- Privacy policy consent
The user shall check the privacy policy and agree to the terms of the agreement therein before using the service.

Purpose of use
We may use personal information for the following purposes set forth in each item:
(1) as needed in the provision of the service
(2) notification of matters necessary for operation
(3) questionnaires and analysis for quality control and improved convenience
(4) for response to inquiries
(5) contact or additional correspondence on matters relating to management
(6) unauthorized use, or other troubleshooting
(7) system maintenance or improvement
(8) for other purposes set forth in the privacy policy

Deposit or provision to third parties
We will not, except required by law or as provided for below, deposit or provide personal information to a third party without obtaining the user's consent in advance.
(1) within the period of time established, you make your usage history and profile information public
(2) if necessary in order to recover the item price
(3) you provide personal information to those who succeed to the business in accordance with the succession of the business or merger
(4) disclosure is required to solve problems between the user and a third party,
(5) if provided for in the privacy policy

- Disclaimer We will not be liable for damages to users due to the deposit or provision to third parties of personal information on the basis of the preceding paragraph. Users, fully recognizing the contents of this article, agree to use the service based on the terms herein.

- Request for correction, etc. by the user
We follow the regulations concerning the information you provide to the service user, and will take appropriate action for fact verification, correction, deletion or suspension.

1.Preparation of necessary equipment.
Computers, smartphones, other devices, software, communication line or other communication environment required for the provision of this service shall be prepared and responsibly maintained at the user’s expense and risk. Installation and operation of such equipment, software and communication environment necessary will be carried out at the user's expense and responsibility. We do not guarantee that the Services are compatible with all equipment and do not support users in preparation, installation, operation or maintenance of such equipment.

2. Network use
Users understand that in some cases data may be changed due to connection and transmission through various networks, depending on the network or devices connected, and use this service at their own risk and responsibility. We will not assume responsibility for such changes.

3. Establishment of procedures
Input to the service by Internet users, listings, purchase, withdrawal, or other proceedings concerning data is sent to our server, enabling and initiating relevant procedures in our system.

Non-warranty and Disclaimer
1. No warranty regarding contents, etc.
We do not guarantee content, quality and level of this service, stable provision of the service, results and the like associated with the use of this service.
2. Disclaimer
We shall not take any responsibility for damages to the user or third parties for inaccurate, inappropriate, unclear content, representation, actions, etc., regardless of the presence or absence of negligence.
3. Non-guaranteed advice
We do not guarantee the accuracy and/or usefulness of the advice and information provided.
4. Computer viruses, etc.
We do not guarantee that some content related to this service does not contain harmful computer viruses and the like. Users use the service at their own risk and we shall not be liable for damages caused by a harmful computer virus, etc. to users and third parties.
5. Disclaimer regarding equipment, etc.
We will not assume any responsibility with regard to damage caused to the user or a third party by the user equipment and a communication line, software, etc.
6. Disclaimer regarding communication failure, etc.
We shall not be responsible for the service being inaccessible due to failure in the user's computer, errors, bugs, computers related to this service, and failure of telecommunications lines.
7. Disclaimer regarding other websites
We shall not be held responsible for damages caused by linked URLs written by users of other websites
8. Backup
The Company does not guarantee the backup.
Creators shall arrange their own backup if required.

Governing Law & Jurisdiction
The terms of this agreement are governed by the laws of Japan. Any disputes between the user and the Image Magic (MEET MY GOODS) in connection with the Service or this Agreement will be settled in the Tokyo District Court.